13 Januari 2009

Teknik Membuat Cover Letter

Techniques of Letter Writing
by Ngeow Yeok Meng

In job search, cover letter, resume or curriculum vitae are the messengers you send to future employers to create good impressions of yourself. Job seekers who take pains to write impressive letters will find it is worth all the time and effort when they succeed in getting a good job.

Do put your professionalism, competence and personality in letter writing to increase chances of being taken seriously for a prospectiveinterview. Take note of major and minor matters before sending your messengers.

  • Have a clear purpose before writing a letter
  • Plan and organize each section
  • Convey the most important ideas first
  • Consider the needs of the organization
  • Opening sentence should be concise and clear
  • Communicate purpose in the opening paragraph
  • Keep paragraph short and sentences simple
  • Write letter that can convince the reader to take action
  • Good grammar, correct spelling and punctuation
  • Use more "you" than "I" or "we"
  • Use assertion rather than negation "not"
  • Use active voice in sentence construction
  • Use personal rather than formal language
  • Cheerful and creative in tone and style
  • Courteous and considerate in approach
  • Double check mistakes carefully
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